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Case Study Questions 1. The functions of customer relationship management systems that are illustrated in this case are touch point, and analytical CRM. 2. The call center is important for Chase Card Services because it allows customers with inquiries such as reporting a lost card or checking a balance to easily access a chase representative to answer their questions and fix their problems. Chase’s call centers could help improve relationships with customers by setting up an automated message that sends the customer to a specialist for the problem that is being experienced. 3. The problem at Chase call centers was that the company’s record keeping did not give an accurate account of current rates of first-call resolution. Chase attempted to track first-call resolution rates by having agents log the content and results of each call they received. It took agents a long time to do this and there was no standard when Chase tried to do this. The agents also only logged the information that they could get from their customers. In some cases there
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