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Cisco TelePresence - I have chosen to do my paper on Ciscos...

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I have chosen to do my paper on Cisco’s product of TelePresence. Over the past several months I have been working in our family business developing and implementing a website. During this period I have been able to watch the activities and see some areas that I think some cost savings could be experienced. The business is Grace Electronics, LLC a small manufacturer and light assembly of military aircraft with the majority of the work for the US Navy. The work is driven from many meetings at the Navy bases and depots around the country. These bases need to be visited fairly often to pursue new work and maintain developed relationships. While I think some of this face to face activity will always be necessary, I think there is an opportunity to satisfy some of the interaction through TelePresence. The majority of the meetings are primarily discussions with some marketing materials distributed. There are very few instances when there is a product or item that needs to be handled which seems to lend itself to be a great candidate for this type of application. Even the marketing materials could be available for distribution in several ways allowing for a very easy transition to TelePresence. Following this introduction, I will give a history of the development of TelePresence with some of the primary functions and benefits a small company, such as Grace, would experience. Then I will provide some history on Cisco and the power it can provide and support to companies. Finally, I will talk about why I feel that Cisco’s Telepresence would be a successful addition to any company’s current business activities. I am hopeful that this report not only provides an informative view of TelePresence, but Grace Management with a tool to help move into the future being innovative and cost efficient.
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Cisco TelePresence - I have chosen to do my paper on Ciscos...

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