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Case Study Questions 1. Cloud has a number of security and control problems. The biggest risk is that it is highly distributed. Applications reside in virtual libraries in large remote data centers that supply business services and data management to multiple corporate clients. Work is distributed to data centers around the world. So it is difficult to track unauthorized activity. There have also been system outages. 2. Large data centers around the world, unencrypted data on one side of a transaction and cloud providers all contribute to these problems. Providers that won’t allow compliance auditors are also a problem. 3. Cloud computing is as secure as you want to make it. If you use encryption on both sides of the transaction and you use a cloud vendor that is a public company, your computing is very secure. Public cloud vendors are restricted and regulated by laws. They have to meet compliance standards.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. I would want to clarify where my data is being sent and stored. Do they follow all compliance requirements? 5. Yes if they meet all compliance standards and my data is stored in the US. MIS In Action 1. Secure data centers, secure transmission and sessions, network protection, disaster recovery, backups, internal and third-party testing and assessments, and security monitoring. These are helpful because they protect your company information and data. It also has the ability to backup and restore systems. 2. Modify your implementation, educate your employees, use security solutions, designate a security contact within your organization, and consider using two-factor authentication techniques. They are very helpful in protecting the companys information. 3. Yes, I would feel comfortable because I feel they do a good job of adequately protecting and storing my company data....
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