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Case Study Questions 1. The impact of credit bureau data quality problems for the credit bureau is they are constantly in a position to review and correct mistakes. Experian updates 30 million credit reports a day and 2 billion reports a month. The sheer volume is an overwhelming task. For lenders, they run the risk of lending to someone who is not qualified, or losing a sale to a customer that is qualified due to inaccurate credit reports. For individuals, they could either be turned down or be granted a very high interest rate due to erroneous credit reports. 2. There are ethical issues raised by the credit bureaus’ data quality problem. They claim it is impossible for them to monitor the accuracy of the 3.5 billion pieces of credit account information received each month. 3. Analyzing the people, organization, and technology factors responsible for the credit bureaus’ data quality problems are that it is an imperfect science because there are too many similarities
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