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1. Cyberwarfare is a serious security problem. Hackers can access secure computers remotely and copy or delete files. Government systems, and critical resources such as electric grids, financial systems, or communication systems can be attacked. 2. Cyberspies and hackers have infiltrated and stolen proprietary government information. Weak points in technology occur where computers are connected to the Internet. The Internet makes systems more vulnerable. 3. Some of the solutions that have been proposed are tougher legislation that would require all critical infrastructure companies to meet newer, tougher cybersecurity standards. Two groups,
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Unformatted text preview: LWM and CitizenLAB help non-government groups with investigative techniques to track cybercriminals. The creation of a headquarters to coordinate government cybersecurity issues has been ordered. I don’t think these efforts will be effective as long as there is no way to identify and punish the perpetrators. 4. There are other solutions that should be pursued. One of them would be to develop better firewalls and security to completely protect computers from being attacked....
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