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1. The various Internet tools that could help employees at Dirt Bikes would be tools that allowed them to communicate and research information quickly and inexpensively. There are tools under communication like conferencing, blogs, and social. All of these are available and can provide useful information. Sales and marketing – communication, these tools would help sales and marketing department to actively communicate and research locally, domestically, and internationally. This could be done real-time at virtually no cost. 2. Dirt Bikes could benefit from having intranets for its sales and marketing, human resources,
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Unformatted text preview: and manufacturing and production departments because the departments would be able to communicate with each other. In example, sales and marketing department would benefit from intranet by having the visibility to manufacturing and production networks. They would be able to quickly and accurately see the status of backordered items and completion schedules. This would allow them to provide immediate information to their customers....
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