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1. A hacker attacking their bank account information. 2. Financial systems and inventory control systems. If these systems cannot operate, the effects could be devastating. If a hacker were able to embezzle money from their accounts, the company would not be able to meet its financial requirements. If their inventory control systems were down, the company would run out of the components needed to continue to manufacture their dirt bikes. The company could survive a minimal amount of time without these systems. Financial inventory and design systems would be most critical to back up and restore. 3. Two disaster recovery services that could be used by a small business such as Dirt Bikes are Agility Recovery and Dell Disaster Recovery. Agility Recovery has over 20 years of experience.
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Unformatted text preview: Agility Recovery allows a business to be fully operational within 48 hours. They offer testing services, fully equipped mobile offices, servers, computers, and generators, Technology Quick Ship program, and my agility. Dell Disaster Recovery offers back-up and recovery options, data storage and management, and assess design deploy support. Back-up and recovery options are cloud based, disk based, tape based, and entry level. Dirt Bikes should use Agility Recovery. Dirt Bikes could be back in business with fully configured computers and work areas within 48 hours. There would be minimal time lost in the event of a disaster....
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