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1. Dirt Bikes could benefit from e-commerce because it would act as an advertising, ordering, and information source. Customers would be able to get information on Dirt Bikes and Dirt Bikes products anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. E-commerce would give customers the ability to view the status of their orders. Dirt Bikes should sell motorcycles and parts over the web. Customers would be able to purchase a pre-made bike for leisure or customize a bike to their preference. Dirt Bikes should use the Web site primarily to advertise their products and services. Dirt Bikes should put information on how to contact customer service. Customer service should be phone-based so that there is a strong relationship between the buyer and the seller. 2. A Web site would provide value to Dirt Bikes by letting potential customers know that the company exists. Network Solutions offers three e-commerce packages for a small to medium-sized company. The three packages are Starter, Standard, and Premium. The Starter package is $29.95 per month,
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