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Dirt Bike 12 - purchase Visitors will be able to see how...

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1. Dirt Bikes should collect as much information as they can on their Web site visitors’ without intruding on the visitors’ privacy. The information that Dirt Bikes could discover by tracking visitors’ activities at its Web site are what they like or dislike. The value of this information provides Dirt Bikes with a basis to make recommendations to the visitor. This does not raise any privacy problems by collecting this data. 2. Dirt Bikes should use cookies. An advantage that cookies give to Dirt Bikes is that the cookies help the company to get to a personal level with the consumers. Advantages that cookies give to visitors of the Dirt Bikes Web site is that the cookies will save the consumers account information. The consumer will not have to enter all of their information when they make a
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Unformatted text preview: purchase. Visitors will be able to see how popular the Web site is. Cookies do not create a privacy issue for Dirt Bikes. 3. Dirt Bikes should join an organization such as TRUSTe to certify that it has adopted approved privacy practices. This will make customers feel better about giving their personal information to Dirt Bikes. 4. Dirt Bikes should design their site so that it conforms to P3P standards. Customers would be able to set their privacy level to their liking. The customers would also be able to customize their privacy settings. 5. Dirt Bikes should adopt an opt-in model of informed consent. Dirt Bikes should not be able to collect or share a customer’s information without the customer’s or individual’s consent. 6....
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