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MIS In Your Pocket - Case Study Questions 1. The MEDITECH...

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Case Study Questions 1. The MEDITECH application for Doylestown Hospital and D.W. Morgan developed ChainLinq mobile application for the 30 drivers that updates shipment information. Business functions that are supported are information gathering, voice communication, and time saving email alerts. Supply chains can update shipment information, collect signatures, and provide global positioning system locations on each individual box being delivered immediately. Hospitals can provide doctors with secure medical records at patient’s bedsides. 2. Information took too long to get to its destination. The mobile applications make it quicker for information to reach its destination. 3. Hospitals, supply chain consultant and transportation, and construction businesses are most likely to benefit from equipping their employees with mobile digital devices such as iPhones and BlackBerrys. 4. D.W. Morgan’s statement talks about the impact the iPhone has had on industry. That it is not just a better phone, it is a technological upgrade in the way people interact with customers and suppliers. MIS IN ACTION 1. iPhone 3G GPS, Bluetooth, internet applications, touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and phone functions.
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MIS In Your Pocket - Case Study Questions 1. The MEDITECH...

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