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NBA - world that play in the NBA and the fans of those...

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1. The NBA uses Akamai to share its product internationally. While the product is Basketball, Akamai allows them an efficient way to share it internationally. New market entrants would have a very difficult time because of the huge cost and structure it would take to compete. Akamai continues to introduce new products making it very difficult for anyone else to provide a substitute. Customers have been extremely happy with the service, proven by the rapid growth of viewers. 2. It is a broad strategy that is industry wide and providing a unique product. 3. The fans want and expect high quality game videos. There are players from all around the
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Unformatted text preview: world that play in the NBA, and the fans of those players want to have high quality video of the games. 4. The franchise owners have to be able to market locally to their fans, which support their stadiums and business. 5. Lenovo and Haier are partners of the NBA. A multinational strategy is used with a central home base. Decentralized production, sales, and marketing allows for different countries to suit different market conditions and desires. These network systems occur in an integrated and coordinated fashion across all units....
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