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1. A data warehouse is a database that stores current and historical data of potential interest to decision makers throughout the company. REI is building a data warehouse in order to achieve its vision of understanding what its customers want, and how they want to interact with the company. 2. A disadvantage of consumer cooperatives when compared to traditional firms is that consumer cooperatives would be only minimally profitable. This results in the company being unable to invest in technological upgrades, and other investments to improve the company. 3. Marketing strategies that REI’s data warehouse will allow them to maintain an annual
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Unformatted text preview: dividend check to its members based on the members purchases on regular-priced merchandise in the prior year. Customers purchases and interests are able to be tracked also allowing them to make future recommendations. These marketing strategies would not be possible before the data warehouse was built. 4. Some of the risks or concerns surrounding the creation of a data warehouse are the high costs, and being a labor intensive project. 5. REI chose IBM because they are a leader in technology and IBMs DB9 product was cutting edge and able to handle their initiatives....
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