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Terrorist Watch-List Database

Terrorist Watch-List Database - 1 Concepts from the chapter...

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1. Concepts from the chapter that are illustrated in this case are data management and the systems to manage the data, file organization, ensuring data quality, problems with traditional file format, and problems with redundancy and consistency. 2. The consolidated terror watch list was created to help the government and other agencies shorten the amount of time it takes to process people’s names in the computer. The benefits of the watch list is that the airlines can see if a person is on the “No fly” list or not. This leads to shorter waiting times because people do not have to wait in long lines at the airport. 3. Some of the weaknesses of the watch list are that the list contains inaccuracies, and that policies for nomination and removal from the lists are not uniform between governmental departments. There has also been public outcry resulting from the size of the list and well- publicized incidents of obvious non-terrorists finding that they are included on the list. It also leads to the inclusion of people that do not belong on watch lists known as “false positives”. At
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