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Case Study Questions 1. The unique features of e-commerce technology that is illustrated in this case are ubiquity, global reach, universal standards, richness, interactivity, information density, personalization or customization, and social technology. The sites that are managed by Turner Sports Inc. are ubiquitous. This means that the sites are available everywhere at any time. The sites have a global reach across national boundaries and are available to millions of sports fans around the world through the Internet. The universal standards for the sites are operated using Internet standards. This makes the sites available to anyone with an Internet connection. Turner Sports uses a formula that gives the Web sites richness. Turner’s formula provides rich, interactive features that use TV and the Web simultaneously to enhance the viewer’s experience. The interactivity of the sites gives fans the ability to switch between TV and unique features on their desktops or laptops. Visitors at PGATour.com can watch play on certain holes, watch a certain
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