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MIS 302F: Intro to Information Technology Management (Foundations) Fall 2011 – Unique Numbers: 03955, 03960 - Tuttle Instructor Clint Tuttle – [email protected] Information, Risk and Operations Management (IROM) Department Class Time T TH: 11:00am-12:30pm, 12:30pm-2:00pm Class Location UTC 2.112A Office CBA 2.230 (on the north side of the wide escalators on ground floor by the Hall of Honors) Mailbox IROM Department, CBA 5.202 Phone (512)-232-8197 Office Hours W, Th 9:30am-11am and by appointment (if you work or have class during the scheduled office hours please send me an email 2-3 days ahead of time and I’ll try to accommodate) Teaching Assistants Vinay Mohan – [email protected] Andrew Hill – [email protected] Course Description Information Technology (IT) has transformed all aspects of 21 st century business and everyday life. New IT investments continue to be staggering. Worldwide, over $2.5 trillion has been invested in IT. In the U.S., over 50% of capital expenditures are related to IT. IT has triggered new forms of organizations; transformed business process innovation; and impacted organizational structure, culture, politics, decision-making and society as a whole. IT is also transforming how physical products are designed, how services are bundled with products, and how individuals interact with businesses and with other individuals. A silent transformation of physical items is occurring as more and more products use embedded IT to improve customer experience and product performance. The pervasiveness of IT is expanding global trade and changing how and where work is performed. The availability of vast amounts of searchable data is changing the nature of the learning required to succeed in traditional business disciplines such as finance, accounting, and marketing. It is vital that future managers – from all majors – have a working knowledge of modern IT, practical experience in its use, and management perspectives on how IT is used to reshape products, services, and organizations. MIS 302F will focus on three broad issues: (1) IT for strategic competitive advantage, (2) IT core skills and management and (3) IT at the intersection of functional business areas. Topics covered include the IT ecosystem, using information systems (IS) for competitive advantage, databases, networking and data communications, supply chain management systems (SCMs), e-commerce, business process management, data mining, business intelligence and knowledge management, Web 2.0 technologies, user-generated content (UGC), social networks, and IT security. While students are introduced to the practical business uses of some technology tools (Excel in particular), the real value that students gain from MIS 302F comes from understanding the strategic possibilities inherent at the intersection of business and technology. Required Textbook
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MIS_302F_Syllabus_Tuttle - MIS 302F Intro to Information...

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