Nervous System - Nervous System & Psychiatry 13:58...

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Unformatted text preview: Nervous System & Psychiatry 13:58 Combining forms for the Nervous System Cerebr/o cerebrum (brain) intercerebral cerebral cortex Cortic/o = cortex (rind) – covering on organ Cortical steroid Modern Brain mapping Lobe Gyrus – circle or ring Fissure – fisura- separation/cleaving, deeper, separate hemisphere Suclus- shallow Corpus callosum – somato/corpus = body // callosum- hard, worn out Cerebr/o cerebrum cerebral cortex Cerebello/o cerebellum cerebellifugal (fuere= to flee) (petere = to seek) Efferent- bearing towards somethinh Afferent- towards going towards brain thalam/o thalamus/chamber thalamocortical cortex of thalamus thalamus- chamber or inner room of ancient house hippocampusencephal/o entire brain parenchephalalia, annecephalus, encephalompons, ponti. Pontine ere Ancient Greek Binammping Galen 129 AD 210 AD Nemesius of Emesa c. 390 AD, On the nature of man Frontal cavities= sensation and imagination Central cavity- intellectual thought posterior cavity Medieval Brain Mapping Sensus communis Visus...
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Nervous System - Nervous System & Psychiatry 13:58...

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