MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #1

MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #1 - The Start of Modern...

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MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #1 What is Genetics? Study of Genes and include the following sub-fields o Transmission Genetics – inheritance of traits o Molecular Genetics – DNA > RNA > Polypeptide o Population Genetics – genetic variation in groups of individuals Genomics – study of whole genomes Functional Genomics – identify the functional role of very gene in the genome System Biology – describe all the complex interactions occurring between the various gene products to produce a living organism Where did dogs come from? And the dog genome project They came from the gray wolf ~100,000 to 15,000 years The dog genome project shows that each dog species is genetically distinct Each breed has a distinctive heritable trait Some breeds cluster more closely with the wolf genome than others Dog traits that are heritable are o Temperament = personality, body size, coat color, bone structure, and etc. Are human behavioral traits heritable? Twin studies suggest that many human traits have a strong genetic component
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Unformatted text preview: The Start of Modern Genetics • Gregor Mendel o Conducted hybridization experiments on pea plants o 1865 proposed particulate theory of inheritance. • Mendel’s Experiments and the Laws of Inheritance o Mendel selected peas as his experimental organism o Well defined alternative traits that were heritable o Established that there are dominant traits o Reciprocal crosses showed that it matter which sex donated the trait o True-breeding strains – parental generation (P) o First filial generation F 1- Progeny from parental generation being crossed o Second filial generation F 2 – Progeny when F 1 Individuals are crossed • Mendel’s 1 st Law – The Law of Segregation Traits are determined by genes with each adult carrying two version (alleles) of each gene Gametes carry only one allele for each trait Alleles segregate into gametes in a ratio of 1:1...
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MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #1 - The Start of Modern...

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