MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #6

MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #6 - nonfunctional •...

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MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #6 Sex-linked Traits Genes carried on sex chromosomes have a special inheritance pattern Examples: o White locus in Drosophila (X) o Re-green color blindness in humans (X) o TDF gene in humans (Y) In humans male gametes decide sex uses XY In chickens the female egg determines the sex and uses ZW Start of Chapter 15: Restriction Endonucleases: Where do they come from? Bacterial cells use restriction enzymes as a way to protect themselves from foreign DNA.
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Restriction enzymes cleave DNA at specific sequences which make them
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Unformatted text preview: nonfunctional. • Bacterial cells protect their own DNA from digestion by methylation the DNA at the sequence recognized by their own restriction enzyme. • How is this all analyzed? o Restriction enzymes have been isolated from a wide variety of bacteria. Each enzyme has a unique recognition site. o By selecting enzymes which cut at site which includes a DNA mutation allow scientists to detect the presence of a DNA polymorphism. o An example of this is gel electrophoresis, but only works in a small genome....
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MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #6 - nonfunctional •...

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