MCDB Christoffersen Lecture#2

MCDB Christoffersen Lecture#2 - happen, the general rule is...

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MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #2 Meiosis Role in Genetics Meiosis accounts for the segregation of alleles Testcross o Cross F 1 hybrid with true-breeding recessive parent o Offspring will show 1:1 phenotypic ratio o Can be used to test for heterozygosity in individuals with dominant phenotype and unknown parents. Probability and Predicting Genetic Outcomes The basic conventions of probability: o If an event is certain to happen, its probability is 1 o If the event can’t happen the probability is 0 o Otherwise the probability is between 0 and 1 Important Rule: The sum of all alternate outcomes must equal 1 Product Rule o To determine the probability that two independent events will both
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Unformatted text preview: happen, the general rule is to multiply the probabilities of the individual events Sum Rule o The probability of an event that can occur in two or more different ways is the sum of the individual probabilities of those ways. Mendels Dihybrid Crosses and Independent Assortment Two different traits in the same cross Example: seed color and seed shape Question: Is the segregation pattern of one gene influenced by the segregation of another gene? Mendels 2 nd Principle: Law of Independent Assortment o The law of independent assortment, states that alleles of different genes assort into gametes independently of each other....
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MCDB Christoffersen Lecture#2 - happen, the general rule is...

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