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Final Government Review 1 st Amendment o Freedom of religion, speech, the press, and assembly (to petition) 2 nd amendment o Freedom to keep and bear arms 3 rd amendment o Soldiers cannot be quartered in houses against owners will, except in times of war 4 th amendment o Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure o Warrants must have probable cause and specifically describe the objects of search o Can search if person is arrested or in plain sight 5 th amendment o Freedom of double jeopardy and self-incrimination and forced to confess o Guaranteed against deprivation of life, liberty, or property without due process o Just compensation for public use of private land 6 th amendment o Right to an attorney o Right to speedy and public trial before impartial jury o Right to face their accuser and to cross-examine witnesses 8 th Amendment o Freedom from excessive bail and fines o Freedom form cruel and unusual punishment 13 th amendment o Abolished slavery; prohibits involuntary servitude 14th amendment o “Equal protection of the laws” o Originally designed to guarantee citizenship rights to newly freed slaves; all males born are citizens of the state and us; privileges and immunities clause; due process clause o Court gives no power to prohibit discrimination unless prohibited by state Private owners could but not government. 15 th amendment o Governments in the US may NOT prevent a citizen from voting based on color race or previous condition of servitude 19 th amendment o Women’s right to vote 26 th amendment o Lowered voting age to 18 Abortion. Roe v wade, Webster v reproductive health services, Planned Parenthood .v. Casey o Roe: landmark decision for abortion, a privacy act was violated regarding abortion under the 14 th amendment. This agreement divided pregnancy into the trimesters
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o Webster: Missouri said that no state funds or facilities could be used to perform abortions o Planned Parenthood: You had to be informed of the dangers, you have to inform your spouse and you got to get parental consent, must also be a 24 hour waiting period before obtaining abortion. These were being challenged and ultimately overturned. Could regulate abortions as long as it didn’t place an undue burden on pregnant women Affirmative action o Policies intended to promote access to education or employment aimed at a historically socio-politically non-dominant group (minorities, women) the point is to redress previous social injustices and be more representative of the population Causes intergroup discrimination because underachievers resent overachievers Baby McLean case o First major challenge to Texas ERA o Texas standard to see if ERA was violated o At the time unmarried baby; mother was granted parent rights; however father had to show it was in the best interest of child to be the father o I should get automatic rights of father o Gender is now suspect classification in Texas; gender based laws fall under
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Final Exam - Final Government Review 1st Amendment o...

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