MCDB Christoffersen Lecture#11

MCDB Christoffersen Lecture#11 - MCDB Christoffersen...

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MCDB Christoffersen Lecture #11 Epigenetic Remodeling of Chromatin for Transcription Occurs when a remodeling protein goes to the DNA and actually removes nucleosomes so that transcription can start. Heterochromatin prevents gene expression Heterochromatin is in found in the inactive X chromosome of mammals One of the X chromosomes in each cell of a female is inactivated early in development The chromosome remains condensed and appears as a Barr body under the microscope. Condensation physically prevents DNA from being transcribed. Methylation of cytosine on DNA may be involved with the inactivation The Xist gene creates the interferences RNA. Female Carriers for X-linked traits Female carriers are heterozygous for X-linked traits o Males are hemizygous Inactivation in each cell due to Barr body formation of one allele or the other occurs in early development Selection of X chromosome by methylation of DNA which persist through mitosis Mosaic expression pattern in adult shows clonal propagation of Barr body.
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MCDB Christoffersen Lecture#11 - MCDB Christoffersen...

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