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essay - inequality final - Walusz 1 Damian Walusz Neeraj...

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Walusz Damian Walusz Neeraj Prakash English 102 2 June 2011 Critical Analysis of “Inequality Is The Real Enemy” Polly Toynbee is a writer and journalist who has worked as an editor for a number of newspapers; furthermore, she publishes her own books and essays, which are focused on social issues. In her summary, “Inequality Is The Real Enemy”, Toynbee uses Wilkinson’s examples to present the conflict of social inequality. However, excessive use of emotional appeals and lack of appropriate evidence cause one to question the objectivity. Toynbee’s summary, “Inequality is the real enemy”, argues that inequality and a gap between social classes has serious consequences. She summarizes the book written by R. G. Wilkinson called “The Impact of Inequality”. In order to support her views, she writes that people are depressed, because they are at the bottom of the pecking order in a social hierarchy. She illustrates that by citing Wilkinson’s example of a research done on monkeys. The crime rate is another claim she uses in the summary. Higher level of crime in a country indicates a higher level of inequality. She writes that to gain trust in people a country has to be fair and give equal distribution of wealth. Also, she supports the thesis by giving an example of the orphanage where children are equally taken care of and
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essay - inequality final - Walusz 1 Damian Walusz Neeraj...

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