Dilemma #2 - Zhi-Qi Le Dilemma#2 Baird Decision Model The...

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Zhi-Qi Le 11/15/11 Dilemma #2 – Baird Decision Model The Underperforming Division Recently, there has been a problem with the West Division of G-BioSport. All of the divisions are doing well except for the West Division, who, according to Mr. Brunswick of G-BioSport Accounting department, had “increasing cost overruns these past three years, despite output well below the other three divisions”. The Medical Director for that division is Dr. Gweneth Hayes. She has been working as the Controller for over 20 years for three organizations. The Controller might be cutting her some slack based on their relationship. The questions to be answered is to determine why the West division is underperforming, is it because of fraud or other factors? Also, I need to figure out how to present the audit findings regarding the West division and to whom. For the rights/responsibility lens, it is important to fulfill three duties. First, it is my individual duty to prepare an accurate report of the audit process and results. This conveys truthfulness and financial transparency. Even though it would be uncomfortable to reveal unpleasant news, my duty requires me to provide complete and accurate information at all times. Other duties in this lens include reporting audit results to superiors and use my judgment to determine whether others need to know also. Lastly, it is my duty to investigate audit anomalies and express fidelity to the company. For the results lens, it is important to maximize the happiness for each stakeholder. The shareholders are happy in this situation if they company’s values align with their own and if the company complies with generally accepted accounting principles. For the Chief Financial Officer, she would be happy if internal auditors thoroughly investigate financial anomalies and make sure that internal systems and controls are well-designed and implemented. For Dr. Gweneth Hayes, she would be happy if she is given an opportunity to address her division’s problems and is informed of concerns about her management before corrective action is taken. The staff of G-BioSport West are happy if they are advised if their performance is not adequate so they can improve and are not penalized for their supervisor’s poor performance. Dr. Charles Wong is happy if he is informed if
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Dilemma #2 - Zhi-Qi Le Dilemma#2 Baird Decision Model The...

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