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Geography exam 1 review - EXAM 1 REVIEW GRG-305, This Human...

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EXAM 1 REVIEW GRG-305, This Human World Prof. Adams Note: this is a partial list; topics not on this list may be on the exam Vocabulary Human geography- Human geography is one half of the discipline of geography, if it is cut up on the basis of topics Geography need not be cut up on the basis of topics (the topical approach), it can also be cut up on the basis of regions (the regional approach) o To some extent, this class will use both approaches, which is a bit of a variation on my normal approach Geographers also use a range of special techniques, skills, and tools that form their own sub- specialization within the discipline (e.g. cartography, GIS, remote sensing, geodetics, etc.) o You will be acquainted with thematic mapping and cognitive mapping in this course Culture- A total way of life held in common by a group of people, including such learned features as speech, ideology, behavior, livelihood, technology, and government; or the local, customary way of doing things – a way of life; an ever- changing process in which a group is actively engaged; a dynamic mix of symbols, beliefs speech, and practices. Culture region- An area occupied by people who have something in common culturally; or a spatial unit that functions politically, socially, or economically as a distinct entity. Culture complex- a culture complex is a closely related set of culture traits Cultural diffusion- An increase in the spatial extent of a particular culture trait or culture complex either through movement of people through space (migration) or through the adoption of a culture trait by other groups. Barrier to diffusion- Different languages, different religions, lacking necessary infrastructure Receptivity to diffusion- same language, same religion, necessary infrastructure. Relocation diffusion- The spread of an innovation or other element of culture that occurs with the bodily relocation of an individual or group that has the idea. Expansion diffusion- The spread of innovation within an area in a snowballing process, so that the total number of knowers becomes great and the area of occurrence grows. Contagious diffusion- A type of expansion diffusion in which cultural innovation spreads by person-to- person contact, moving wavelike though an area and population without regard to social status. Hierarchical diffusion- A type of expansion diffusion in which innovations spread from one important person to another or from one urban center to another, temporarily bypassing other persons or rural areas. Stimulus diffusion- A type of expansion diffusion in which a specific trait fails to spread but the underlying idea or concept is accepted.
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Landscape- The artificial landscape; the visible human imprint on the land. Cultural ecology- Organism-environment relationship is reciprocal and mutually constitutive, that is, it is a
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Geography exam 1 review - EXAM 1 REVIEW GRG-305, This Human...

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