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Analyzation of both speeches: Caesars’ murder comes as a shock to almost everybody other than the conspirators. The people were demanding for an explanation. The play describes both Antony and Brutus as able speakers however they method of oration are poles apart. Brutus seems to deal with the matter as ethically as he could, while Antony takes the political method of manipulation 1 . Brutus appeals to the judgment and wisdom of the people, which the mob is characterized to lack. Antony appeals to the emotion of the mob, which they have in abundance. Brutus was the first one to appeal to the crowd; his aim was to explain to the mob why he and his companions did what they did. Antony on the other hand is out raged, he is seeking revenge and his aim is to provoke the anger and fury of the people, and turn then against the conspirators. Brutus was calm and honest with his speech he was an idealist and misjudges the people to be wise and reasonable creatures. Antony on the other hand, was a clever and practical man, without any ideals or
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Unformatted text preview: morals, he was realistic about the naïve nature of the mob and exploits them of their emotion using it against Brutus and the conspirators. Therefore both the speeches had two different aims, styles and effect. Brutus made his speech in the prose with only one interval while Antony delivered it in verses with numerous intervals. The result of both the speeches are effective, Brutus manages to convince the people about the murder of Caesar. Antony arouses the people against Brutus and the conspirators. Brutus is dignified and serious, he uses no artificial means to convince the people about his motive. He also produces convincing argument regarding the murder of Caesar. Antony stoops to the level of the mob by becoming one among them. This different method of approach towards the situation was the cause of the downfall of Brutus and the conspirators. 1 JC and modern criticism...
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