DNA website - information on the website JavaScript and PHP...

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I am currently working on a research paper for next gen DNA sequencing and another research on protein sequencing and using BLAST. I would like to make a website showcasing these papers and projects. I would also like to include an SOM project I worked on analyzing finding orthologs between organisms. The website will primarily be used to showcase the research and possibly educate the general public in this field. The home page would consist of a banner and pictures of DNA/Protein etc. using HTML/Javascript features. There will be links leading to subpages which will consist of background information, recent findings and future applications of the techniques used in the project. I will also include an online form/survey regarding the
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Unformatted text preview: information on the website. JavaScript and PHP can be used to record visitor information who take the survey and provide feedback, which can be stored in a MySQL database. Cookies can be used to store this data for repeat users. There will also be videos embedded on the page. Possibly embed a flash application and AJAX application somewhere here displaying the structures of biological molecules (using pre-generated structures in NCBI database). This will be a great learning experience for me and I look forward to build a good website that will look nice and be easy to navigate. I will also try to make it as technical as possible while also keeping it efficient....
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DNA website - information on the website JavaScript and PHP...

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