Genetics Ch 5 terms - Ch 5 Key Terms 1. Attachment...

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Ch 5 Key Terms 1. Attachment Site- Region at which prophage integrates 2. Auxotroph- A strain of microorganisms that will proliferate only when the medium is supplemented with a specific substance not required by wild-type organisms 3. Bacteriophage- A virus that infects bacteria 4. Cell clone- Members of a colony derived from a common ancestor 5. Colony- A visible clone of cells 6. Conjugation- The union of two bacterial cells during which chromosomal material is transferred from the donor to the recipient cell. 7. Cotransductant- A bacterial cell transduced simultaneously by two donor alleles. Their frequency is used as a measure of closeness of the donor genes on the chromosome map. 8. Donor- Bacterial cell used in studies of unidirectional DNA transmission to other cells; examples are Hfr in conjugation and phage source in transduction 9. Double infection- Infection of a bacterium with two genetically different phages 10. Endogenote- A complete chromosome 11. Exconjugant- A female bacterial cell that has just been in conjugation with a male that contains a fragment of male DNA. 12. Exogenote- A fragment of chromosomal DNA 13. F+ (donor)- A cell having a free fertility factor; a male cell 14. F- (recipient)- A cell having no fertility factor; a female cell 15. F’ Plasmid- 16. Fertility factor (F)- A bacterial episome whose presence confers donor ability
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Genetics Ch 5 terms - Ch 5 Key Terms 1. Attachment...

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