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Chapter 5 Text Notes - Chapter 5: Sensation & Perception...

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1 Chapter 5: Sensation & Perception Chapter 5 continues the biological approach to psychology as we examine how the sensory systems work. One common question that students have in this section revolves around how much detail is necessary. Do you really need to know the fine structure of the retina? Should I know the material on smell in the same amount of detail? Why is it important to study this stuff? I can’t give you an easy answer to these questions, but I will remind you that function is more important than fact. You should get an idea of how the systems work rather than the minute details of the components. As we go through each of the major sections, I’ll try to highlight what I think is really essential. 1. Stimulus Detection This section really involves a consideration of psychophysics how we detect and compare stimuli. There are two important theories to focus on. Signal Detection Theory outlines some of the factors that influence our ability to detect stimuli, e.g., how much noise is in the background? How motivated is the individual? Figure 5-3 illustrates the various outcomes of a detection task. Note the distinction between two types of error: a miss and a false alarm , and the fact that it is important to both identify a signal when it is present and to correctly reject it when no signal is there. Important Points Stimulus Detection Visual System Auditory System Other Sensory Systems Gestalt Rules Depth Perception Subliminal Perception
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2 One of the first theories in this area was Weber’s Law . This law states that the change in stimulus intensity necessary to report a Just Noticeable Difference (JND)
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Chapter 5 Text Notes - Chapter 5: Sensation & Perception...

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