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Dec 6 - Dementia & Mnemonics

Dec 6 - Dementia & Mnemonics - Tuesday December 6...

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Dementia & Mnemonics Alzheimer’s Disease Mnemonics Xmas Exam Next Time: Christmas Exam Read: Chapter 5 – 8 Next Term: Language, p. 315 – 331 How can we treat Alzheimer’s disease? How can we improve memory? What do we need to know for the exam? DURING YOUR WEEKLY PSYCHOANALYTIC SESSION, YOUR FREUDIAN THERAPIST DISCOVERS YOU CANNOT REMEMBER YOUR FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL. MOST LIKELY, SHE WOULD ATTRIBUTE THIS MOTIVATED FORGETTING TO A. Decay of memory traces B. Interference from adolescence C. Repression D. Possible brain trauma E. A or B above Alzheimer’s Disease Recent events fade first Ultimately old memories go and patient becomes “mentally vacant” Bedridden, helpless, death in about 10 years Produces severe degeneration of hippocampus and cortex o Association areas In autopsies, severe differences are seen in cortical tissues. In Alzheimer’s patients, there are huge folds in cortex due to destruction of neural tissue. Nerve degeneration in ACL tracts Reduction in ACL produces memory loss NE, serotonin, and DA also involved Cause? Chromosome 21 defect (1 case in 3) 1
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Build up of protein results in plaques and tangles Viral damage to blood-brain barrier Excess aluminum? Zinc?
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