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1081a Class Schedule Fall 2011

1081a Class Schedule Fall 2011 - 1-Nov-11 air pollution...

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1081A SCHEDULE - FALL 2011 Relevant Textbook Lecture Date Chapter NO LAB 8-Sep-11 Overview of syllabus, lecture and labs NO LAB 13-Sep-11 Welcome to resources, environment and sustainability in a material society Chapter 1 15-Sep-11 Introduction to geology: chemistry and minerals Chapter 3 LAB 1: Minerals 20-Sep-11 Introduction to geology: rocks and plate tectonics Chapter 2 22-Sep-11 Introduction to geology: time and earth systems LAB 2: Rocks 27-Sep-11 Introduction to natural hazards Chapter 5 29-Sep-11 Natural hazards: surface water and flooding Chapter 8 LAB 3:Geology of UWO Campus and Flooding of the Thames 4-Oct-11 Natural hazards: slope processes Chapter 9 6-Oct-11 Earthquakes I Chapter 6 LAB 4: Natural Hazards - Earthquakes and Volcanoes 11-Oct-11 Natural hazards: volcanic hazards Chapter 7 13-Oct-11 Mineral resources and the environment Chapter 14 NO LAB 18-Oct-11 Review for Midterm 20-Oct-11 MIDTERM - Thursday October 20, 2009 (in class) LAB 5: The Economics of Mining 25-Oct-11 Energy: Fossil Fuels Chapter 15 27-Oct-11 Alternative energy LAB 6: What is Energy
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Unformatted text preview: 1-Nov-11 air pollution Chapter 18 3-Nov-11 Soils and environment Chapter 16 LAB 7: Rain and Air Pollution 8-Nov-11 Water resources Chapter 12 10-Nov-11 Water: pollution and treatment Chapter 13 LAB 8: Groundwater and Groundwater Pollution 15-Nov-11 Waste management Chapter 17 17-Nov-11 Geology and health LAB 9: Dealing with Waste 22-Nov-11 Introduction to global change Chapter 19 24-Nov-11 Climate change and global warming LAB EXAM FINAL (during your regular lab section) 29-Nov-11 Ecology and geology Chapter 4 1-Dec-11 Implications for the future NO LABS 6-Dec-11 Review for final "Resources, Environment and Sustainability in a Material Society" This schedule is a guideline only. Actual lecture schedule may vary slightly over the term as we discuss some topics in more detail. All of the readings are in the text book, Introduction to Environmental Geology (4th Ed.), by E. Keller, available in the UWO bookstore and the Taylor Library....
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