Lecture 20 Global Warming

Lecture 20 Global Warming - Lecture 20 Global Change...

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World Population 6,706,992,932 The Challenge: Sustainable Management of an Ever-Changing Planet Lecture 20 Global Change: Climate Anthropogenic???? A look at: The Greenhouse effect Greenhouse Gases Effects from increases in GG What is being done Forcing factors: Stratosphere: 15-40 km Little interaction with earth Contains Ozone Layer Troposphere: <15 km weather, human interaction pollution Important: Composition of the Troposphere Interaction with energy Atmosphere Earth Surface Energy Budget Incoming radiation Heats surface Melts H 2 O Evaporates H 2 O Photosynthesis The Greenhouse Effect Short wave radiation Heats surface Surface emits long wave radiation, most is absorbed by greenhouse gases and returned to the earth, surface gains more heat Earth Solar Radiation
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Refrigerators; Aerosol spray propellants; Cleaning solvents 900 ppt 0 CFCs Forests; Grasslands; Oceans; Soils; Soil cultivation; Fertilizers; Biomass burning; Burning of fossil fuels 310 ppb 280 ppb Nitrous Oxide Wetlands; Organic decay; Termites; Natural gas & oil extraction; Biomass burning; Rice cultivation; Cattle; Refuse landfills 1.70 ppm 0.70 ppm Methane Organic decay; Forest fires; Volcanoes;
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Lecture 20 Global Warming - Lecture 20 Global Change...

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