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Oct 18 - Justice Part 2 Summary

Oct 18 - Justice Part 2 Summary - Summary of Politics 1020E...

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1 Summary of Politics 1020E Lecture 12: The Distribution of Property, Part Two (October 18, 2011) The twelfth lecture covers two topics and introduces a third. First, we continue to outline the main arguments of John Locke in support of a right to private property, and secondly, we address issues surrounding the market as a means of distributing property and life prospects. Toward the end of the lecture, we start to discuss John Rawls’s influential approach to the question of distributive justice. John Locke We continue (from the last lecture) to outline the arguments for private property in John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government . Where does private property come from? How can it be justified as a social institution? The lecture presents an outline and accompanying critique of several of Locke’s arguments: the labour-mixing argument, the value- added argument, and the argument from desert. In each instance there are objections that weaken the case for an acceptable principle of initial property acquisition. Perhaps, then, we should sidestep the
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