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Sep 8 - Intro Summary - (2) political ideologies. Lectures...

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1 Summary of Politics 1020E Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course (September 8, 2011) The first lecture addresses the relevance of politics, using the example of American (and Canadian) protesters who challenged U.S. President Obama not to authorize the Keystone pipeline. These are big issues with monumental consequences for human beings: environmental degradation, intergenerational justice, political power, and democratic accountability. Narain summarizes the ‘Course Overview and Rules’ and Jones summarizes the ‘First Term Course Outline’. Jones reviews the main topics to be covered in the first term lectures. These topics can be divided into two parts: (1) political ideas
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Unformatted text preview: (2) political ideologies. Lectures for the first half of the term (up to October 20) address five central normative questions: - Political authority: why should there be a state at all? - Political obligation: Should we obey the law? - Democracy: Should the people rule? - Liberty: How free should we be? - Distributive justice: How should property rights be distributed? Lectures for the second half of the term (from October 25 to December 6) address political ideologies. We investigate the history of ideology and see how each of the main ideologies answers questions such as: How do I fit into the world? How does the world work? What should be done?...
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