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Answer the three questions below and submit the assignment to the “Assignments, Tests, Surveys” link in Etudes by the due date. The three questions are not related to each other. Rename the word document lastname_firstname. For example, bowman_sean Question #1 Complete the following worksheet This is the worksheet for problem 2-12 on page 54 of our text. # I NFORMATION I TEM S TATEMENTS $ AMOUNT A. T OTAL FUND BALANCE OF THE S PECIAL R EVENUE F UND Governmental Funds Balance Sheet, B. N ET ASSETS AVAILABLE FOR EMPLOYEE PENSIONS C. O PERATING INCOME FOR THE I NTERNAL S ERVICE F UNDS D. T OTAL NET ASSETS OF THE PRIMARY GOVERNMENT Question #2 Identify the three basic fund categories used by state and local governments, the funds that make up each of them, and the category’s basis of accounting. Question #3
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Unformatted text preview: Find the latest Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for a town/city you are familiar with. For example, the city in which you live or used to live in. CAFR’s can be found through a Google search. For example, “Los Altos CAFR”. Answer the following questions. • City / Entity Name • What are the three main sections of the report. • Date of Report • Name of the independent auditor • Did the entity receive an “unqualified” opinion? • Was the entity’s annual report of the previous year awarded a “certificate of achievement for excellence in financial reporting” by the Government Finance Officers Association(GFOA)? • What is the significance of the GFOA award?...
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