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The Rutgers University Production of ‘Lady of Fatima’ written by Edward Allen Baker was quite interesting. The plot, about a helpless young woman who is being sexually harassed by her boss, enraptures the viewer and makes one wonder does this still happen today? The play which takes place in 1980s brings many questions into the viewers’ mind. In the 21 st century there are many laws placed on sexual harassment in the work place but this play plants a seed of doubt into the minds and we begin to question our morals and of those that we know. Nowadays, we see that there aren’t many jobs that can be acquired without going to high school or furthering studies to college. This was the similar case with people back in the 1980s and especially for woman. Also back in the 1980s, crime was rampant especially in Providence, Rhode Island. Health care too, has always been an issue as prices of drugs skyrocket. We see how Terri, the main character is affected by this. She did not complete high school and is paid an extremely low wage as a cleaner, and with such a low wage, being in a good environment is out of the question. With a limited job outlook and a husband with diabetes, fear and helplessness become traits that one needs to rely on, as Terri does. Terri cannot seem to defy her boss, Billy,
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from his constant attempts at getting to her or his help in getting insulin from him for her husband. But it makes sense that the environment and way she grew up, establishes her need for dependence on another person no matter who that person is. We see many studies done on
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theater - The Rutgers University Production of Lady of...

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