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hw.hypo.meanOnly.KEY.doc PROP: Hypo&CI&pVal&STS 10/01/10 Place on each page: [1] Your CLASS ID at the top right and your course (like “385”), then your name. Hand in BEFORE YOU SIT DOWN - EVEN IF I'M LECTURING . After you sit down or after class it will not count. If more than one page, they must be stapled for credit. No credit if torn edges. A. Airline passengers now tend to carry more baggage online rather than checking it. Test at α = 0.10 whether the population mean of carry-on baggage is at least 12 pounds. A sample of 16 passengers gave a mean of 9 pounds and a standard deviation of 8. Use the Z table. Do the 5 steps as indicated in class. SHOW RAW FORMULAS without numbers, and show work carefully. Draw the graph with 2 axes and LABEL! (5 steps: 1. State Hypotheses; 2. Compute CV(s); 3. State Decision rule: REJECT Ho IF ___ ; 4. State decision: SINCE___; 5. State conclusion. ) B. Notice that the X _ sample = 9. Show raw formula and show work in computing the tail area for the sample result. Thus, what is the tail area for 9? On your graph above draw the line for
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