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fig facebook - think the service is terrible the waiters...

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Facebook and its effects Now a days, everyone is on or getting a Facebook. Facebook, a social networking site has many positive aspects, such as having the ability to meet and reunite with people, or even to buy used items. People can even share photos and put up links. Even though there are many uses for this website, it still has negative aspects that stand out. Facebook is a great tool for social networking, but is it truly remarkable when it can affect your career? There has been an article explaining how a waitress was fired for a Facebook comment in which she displayed the company name and showed a bad impression on the restaurant. She deserved to get fired because the company reputation was on the line. By writing the company’s name, she exposed the company she worked for and damaged the company name. If whoever read that, they would not want to go there because they may
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Unformatted text preview: think the service is terrible, the waiters are rude, or the food is bad. These assumptions essentially will damage the company and give it losses. The company therefore had just cause in firing the waitress. She should have been more careful about what she says. The waitress may say she has her privacy settings, but nothing is private in this day and age. Information can be leaked quickly and this is what happened to her. It was wrong of her to post the name of the place she works for she is damaging their reputation. She could have been ambiguous about it and that way she could have saved her job as well as the company reputation. A person’s career is important and this is why information that should be kept to oneself should not be written on Facebook especially about work....
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