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ABE 224 - Surveying Lab - imported into Surfer remember...

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ABE 224 - Surveying Lab 10/25/2011 (Lab Report Due Date : Tuesday, 11/01/2011) Introduction Today we will be doing a topographic survey of the lawn to the West of the National Soybean Research Laboratory. Two different surveys will be going on at the same time. Dumpy Level Survey - Half of you will be surveying the right side of the centerline and the other half will be surveying the left side of the centerline. A centerline will be a 100 foot steel tape. Stations will be every 10 feet with offsets at least every 10 feet. After the Survey is complete, data will be entered into Excel and saved as a CSV file. This file is
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Unformatted text preview: imported into Surfer, remember Surfer16 as the application on the S drive, using the grid, data window. The map menu then allows you to choose the two maps necessary for the lab report. Objectives Learn about mapping slope breaks and important features to accurately represent a site within a computer model or contour map. Equipment Tripod Scope Leveling Rod Flags Notepad To be turned in with Lab Report (Following the format distributed for Week 1) Contour Map 3-D Surface Map Notes and Sketch...
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