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acct 323 A2 - which is also behind a locked door Our office...

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Acct 323 #38 When it comes to accounting information systems there are several controls that I have observed this week in my workplace both physical and environmental. Physically I have witnessed that each computer comes with password protection. If someone were to step away from their computer for more than five minutes they must put in a password to reactivate the account. Next, our main server which stores all of our client files is not connected to the internet and must be accessed through one of the five computers available in the office. My office also uses an anti virus and spam wear program to keep unneeded risk off of our personal computers. Finally we use the approach of segregating duties and hashing our totals to make sure everything we do adds up in the end and there is no missing information. Environmentally we have our files locked in a room in the basement of the building
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Unformatted text preview: which is also behind a locked door. Our office is in an old bank building complete with vault. Our files are behind two locked doors so they are not easily accessible. We also keep our main server in a separate room which is also locked. Access to this system by programmers or IT repair personal is restricted and not available without a partner present. Furthermore we constantly monitor installed application including QuickBooks which may seek to retrieve information online. This is one of the main reasons we keep our QuickBooks files on the main server instead of our personal computer. We know QuickBooks monitors our files and has remote access, keeping the data off the systems they can infiltrate helps to protect our clients....
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