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CA 19 - company would be affected if for some reason the...

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CA 19-7 (a)Acme should use an accelerated depreciation method for tax purposes and the straight-line method for its financial statements. After the temporary differences are reversed, the total income to be taxed will exceed the financial accounting income. Once this is done Acme would be required to pay the taxes it deferred previously due to depreciation. Therefore, Acme would need to sell the plants assets in order to stop this. If the assets are sold with a gain on sale, they would be taxed but at the capital gains rate which would be more favorable. (b) The ethical considerations of the income tax deferral are: Selling off assets before the temporary difference reverses means lower income taxes, which may not be the company’s true tax liability otherwise. However, this is considered tax minimization and is not illegal therefore; it can be viewed as a strategy. (c) All stakeholders could potentially be harmed. The stakeholders outside the company would be affected because the company is not paying its fair share of taxes. The Stakeholders inside the
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Unformatted text preview: company would be affected if for some reason the accounting was not done correctly and the company has to fork over a lot of past tax revenue to the government which means lower end of the year profits. Due to loss of profits, the company may decide to cut costs in house such as layoffs or reduce pay. Lower stock prices or ROE would affect investors. (d) Delaneys obligations are to report the companys income fairly by being objective. An account must avoid unethical practices and therefore should not involve themselves if they deem an act unethical. In such cases reporting to the CEO , Board of Directors, and even possibly becoming a whistle blower would have to happen in order for Delaney to maintain her integrity. However, in this case since it is considered tax planning and is not currently consider illegal or unethical by the government, she currently does not have an issue to report....
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