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Bio exam 1 Q1 - inmates are found innocent after years of...

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James Tilley, BIO 1 Section 1 Exam Question 1 I believe that society should have a basic understand of science. In the past two decades there are science issues that most Americans have little or inaccurate knowledge about science .One that has recently been discussed in lab number 2 is global warming. I have gained knowledge about this subject after researching questions for this exam. Another is stem cell research and the effects they have in early human life. In court case there is DNA evidence that is being used to release or convict suspects. I have seen where
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Unformatted text preview: inmates are found innocent after years of confinement from DNA tests. The Aids virus is a subject that has affect millions of people around the world and after two decades there millions of dollars in research every year. Heart disease has become America’s number on killer. This disease is self infected with basic knowledge people could live longer healthier lives. I am not implying that we should all become scientist, but gain knowledge of how things work in and around you....
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