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James Tilley, Bio I 1010-04B-2 Media Lab 1 I am recommending a plan that would promote a healthier life style, and lower health cost to the American public. In today’s fast pasted society fast food has become the fuel that drives America. With the convenience of eating fast foods come obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. Heart disease is by far the number one killer in the United States, although a third of those deaths could be prevented if people followed better diets and exercised more. In a study by the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease-related costs were estimated to be $329.2 billion in 2002. In most fast food restaurants there are low carbohydrates and low fat meals available. Most American’s are not willing to pay the higher prices for the healthier foods. I am
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Unformatted text preview: proposing a tax on foods that contain high cholesterol and fat levels. This tax will increase the price of unhealthy dangerous foods over healthier foods and influence American’s to make the healthy decision. All American’s like to cut cost and save money when it is easy and convenient. With this plan it would do just that and promote a healthier lifestyle and lower insurance cost to the public and the government. The increase in revenue from the taxes could aid with medical cost that occur from diseases linked to high fat diets. The revenue could also generate public health messages through television ads. One may say this plan involves big government but we are eating ourselves into an early grave. I, for one, have halted all use of tobacco products due to the rise in taxes that raised the total cost....
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