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James Tilley, BIO I, Media LAB 2 Question 2 In the fall leaves will begin to change colors and fall to the ground. As fall turns into winter the trees will get less and less sunlight and eventually ending the photosynthesis process. The trees will stop producing fruit or leaves and start using the energy it has gained over the summer months. I would compare this process to a bear going in to hibernation for the winter. The reason there are different colors of leaves is the contents that remains in the leaves during the fall months this will determine the color. If the leaf
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Unformatted text preview: contains glucose (food) it will turn a red shade. If the leaf contains waste products it will turn brown. The reason leaf colors vary for year to year is the weather conditions. A fall that has bright sunny days with cold nights will produce bright colors. A fall with cloudy with warm night will produce dull colors. When the frost comes it ends any and all colors until spring when it starts once again....
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