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Final Project - Viruses 1 Running Head VIRUSES Viruses Spam...

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Viruses Running Head: VIRUSES Viruses, Spam, and Spy Ware John K Packer Columbia Southern University 1
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Viruses Viruses, Spam, and Spy Ware Range from Being a Nuisance to Completely Paralyzing Your Machine Computer viruses can cause workplace psychological smash up. They can cause fear and anxiety, stemming in part from the feeling of vulnerability in the face of such attacks. These feelings are buttressed by the fact that the computers of even the most influential organizations are vulnerable. The ILOVEYOU bug affected many federal and commercial institutions, including Capitol Hill, the Central Intelligence Agency, Ford, Silicon Graphics, and Microsoft. This vulnerability has raised disturbing questions about the safety and security of the national and global digital communications on which we all depend. (Cohen, 1994) The experience of being attacked by a digital bug is not unique; it has happened to millions of other home and office computer users around the world. But different systems have varied in vulnerability, based on their virus-protection software and the invader’s nature. Some viruses are mere annoyances that produce funny sounds or animated graphics. On the other hand, attacks by more virulent bugs--such as Melissa last year and ILOVEYOU this year--have been extremely costly and have affected both small and large organizations. According to an estimate
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