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ITC 3001-05C final exam - When is your computer most likely...

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When is your computer most likely to be infected with a virus? a. When uploading a file. b. When downloading a file . c. When sending a fax. d. When running Phone Dialer. Question 2 2 points Save Which of the following is not suited to display multiple data series? a. Pie chart. b. Horizontal bar chart. c. Column chart. d. Stacked column chart. Question 3 2 points Save All of the following are input devices except: a. Keyboard. b. Printer. c. Mouse. d. Joystick. Question 4 2 points Save Text that appears on the bottom of every slide was entered through the: a. Slide Navigator command. b. Meeting Minder command. c. Header and Footer command. d. Insert Table command. Question 5 2 points Save Which of the following views would you use to define a table and specify the fields it will contain? a. Define view. b. Datasheet view. c. Design view. d. Edit view. Question 6 2 points Save How does a program indicate that a particular option on a pull-down menu is not available? a. An ellipsis follows the command. b. The command appears in reverse video. c. The command is faded (dimmed). d. A dialog box appears if the option is selected. Question 7 2 points Save Which part of the URL http://www.microsoft.com/ie/iedl.htm identifies the Internet address of the Web site (server)?
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a. http:// b. www.microsoft.com c. ie d. iedl.htm Question 8 2 points Save A report may be based on: a. A table but not a query. b. A query but not a table. c. Both a table and a query. d. Neither a table nor a query. Question 9 2 points Save Which of the following statements is true about primary keys? a. The primary key must be selected by Access. b. A table may contain multiple primary keys. c. A primary key uniquely identifies the record. d. All of these are correct. Question 10 2 points Save The number of hits refer to: a. The number of times you click on a document. b. The number of documents returned to you in a list by the search engine. c. The number of queries you proposed for a search. d. The number of searches that you complete during a session. Question 11 2 points Save The floppy drive is always: a. Drive B. b. Drive D. c. Drive C. d. Drive A. Question 12 2 points Save When you save text or images from resources found on the Internet to use in your own work, the appropriate action to take is to: a. Credit your sources. b. Take credit for the information yourself. c. Attach a copy of all pages you searched in an appendix. d. There are no clear guidelines.
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