John Packer Dictionary - Cache - /kash/ A small fast memory...

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Cache - /kash/ A small fast memory holding recently accessed data, designed to speed up subsequent access to the same data. Most often applied to processor-memory access but also used for a local copy of data accessible over a network etc. ISA - Integrated Systems Architecture PCI - (PCI) A standard for connecting peripherals to a personal computer , designed by Intel and released around Autumn 1993. PCI is supported by most major manufacturers including Apple Computer . It is technically far superior to VESA 's local bus . It runs at 20 - 33 MHz and carries 32 bits at a time over a 124-pin connector or 64 bits over a 188-pin connector. An address is sent in one cycle followed by one word of data (or several in burst mode). Clock Speed - The fundamental rate in cycles per second at which a computer performs its most basic operations such as adding two numbers or transferring a value from one register to another. Processor - (CPU, processor) The part of a computer which controls all the other parts. Designs vary widely but, in general, the CPU consists of the
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John Packer Dictionary - Cache - /kash/ A small fast memory...

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