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John Packer Select - italics or bold italics You can make...

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Select Then Do to Format a Document John Packer Many operations in Microsoft Word are executed in the context of select-then-do . This means that you select a block of text, and then you issue a command that will affect the selected text. You can select the text in many different ways, the most basic of which is to click and drag over the desired characters. You can also use many shortcuts, which include double clicking to select a word, pressing Ctrl as you click a sentence, and triple clicking on a paragraph. Once the text has been selected, you use the appropriate tool on the Formatting toolbar (or a keyboard shortcut) to complete the operation. There are many ways to change the appearance of selected text. You can use boldface, underlining
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Unformatted text preview: , italics , or bold italics . You can make text smaller and smaller. You can change to a different font altogether. You can change the color of text in a sentence as often as you like. You can also highlight a sentence in different colors. Other formatting applies to the paragraph as a whole. Click anywhere in a paragraph, then use the center, left or right-align , or justify buttons to change the alignment of the entire paragraph. Use the line spacing tool to change the spacing within the paragraph. You can even put a border around selected text. And once you have implemented the formatting changes, you can undo them, and then redo them, depending on whether or not you like the results. Word makes it easy and fun to do! Enjoy!...
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