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5.16 a) From the isobutane thermodynamic properties figure in the problem, with the condenser operating at 320 K, P 0.675 MPa. Also, () kJ ˆ H leaving condenser 273 kg b) Isobutane entering the turbine is at 100 MPa and 480 K. From the figure, kJ kJ ˆ ˆ H=775.6 and S=2.259 kg kg K . Also, isobutane leaving the turbine is at P = 0.675 MPa and kJ ˆ S=775.6 kg K , which corresponds to about 360 K and kJ ˆ H=665 kg . c) From the energy balance, the work produced in the turbine is in in out in dU -W kJ ˆˆ 0 M H H W so that 775.6 665 110.6 dt kg M == + = = ±± ± Since 3 MW=3000 kW=3000 kJ/s the isobutane flow rate is
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