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Trigonometric Functions of an Acute Angle Section 1.2 7 1.2 Trigonometric Functions of an Acute Angle A C B b adjacent a opposite c hypotenuse Consider a right triangle ABC , with the right angle at C and with lengths a , b , and c , as in the fgure on the right. For the acute angle A , call the leg BC its opposite side , and call the leg AC its adjacent side . Recall that the hypotenuse o± the triangle is the side AB . The ratios o± sides o± a right triangle occur o±ten enough in prac- tical applications to warrant their own names, so we defne the six trigonometric functions A as ±ollows: Table 1.2 The six trigonometric functions of A Name of function Abbreviation
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Unformatted text preview: DeFnition sine A sin A = opposite side hypotenuse = a c cosine A cos A = adjacent side hypotenuse = b c tangent A tan A = opposite side adjacent side = a b cosecant A csc A = hypotenuse opposite side = c a secant A sec A = hypotenuse adjacent side = c b cotangent A cot A = adjacent side opposite side = b a We will usually use the abbreviated names o± the ±unctions. Notice ±rom Table 1.2 that the pairs sin A and csc A , cos A and sec A , and tan A and cot A are reciprocals: csc A = 1 sin A sec A = 1 cos A cot A = 1 tan A sin A = 1 csc A cos A = 1 sec A tan A = 1 cot A...
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