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Unformatted text preview: 10 Chapter 1 • Right Triangle Trigonometry §1.2 Example 1.7 A B C 1 1 2 2 radicallow 3 60 ◦ 60 ◦ 30 ◦ 2 Find the values of all six trigonometric functions of 60 ◦ . Solution: Since we may use any right triangle which has 60 ◦ as one of the angles, we will use a simple one: take a triangle whose sides are all 2 units long and divide it in half by drawing the bisector from one vertex to the opposite side, as in the figure on the right. Since the original triangle was an equilateral triangle (i.e. all three sides had the same length), its three angles were all the same, namely 60 ◦ . Recall from elementary ge- ometry that the bisector from the vertex angle of an equilateral triangle to its opposite side bisects both the vertex angle and the opposite side. So as in the figure on the right, the triangle △ ABC has angle A = 60 ◦ and angle B = 30 ◦ , which forces the angle C to be 90 ◦ . Thus, △ ABC is a right triangle. We see that the hypotenuse has length c = AB = 2 and the leg...
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